Training in the aviation industry is mindboggling. With multiple pilot domiciles, unpredictable schedules, and the sheer number of topics that must be covered, managing training can challenge even the most astute companies. HighTop provides web-based training applications that will help you manage your classroom, computer based and web-based course delivery. Even more, through our automatic notification system, record keeping, and report generation tools we will reduce your time and hassles of administering training in your organization. Long gone are the days of the read and initial bulletins, faxes, mailings, and missing tests. Don't let one of your crewmembers become non-current because of missed training. Our automation will reduce the weight off of your shoulders. We look forward to serving you!


Learning Management System (LMS)

We are not just an e-Learning company that provides you access to online course. We provide an all-encompassing library of interactive online courses with a corporate Learning Management System (LMS) that is quick to implement and requires no downloads or extensive technical expertise.



Aviation is an extremely fascinating industry and as we all know, training costs can run out of control if not watched with a careful eye. With over 18 years in the aviation industry HighTop knows there needs to be an efficient, cost effective method to manage the wide range of required training.

Our services provide aeronautics commissions, airport management, on-demand charter operators, scheduled air carriers and fixed base operators a method of training and ensuring compliance that provides value. HighTop will provide you with courses to keep you safe in the workplace, increase your customer service level, develop your management, communication and technical skills, to name a few.



Our products are designed to allow your company to excel and remain competitive for the long-term. Companies need a competitive advantage to assure profitability and growth-let yours be training through technology. Our products include:

  • Pilot and Aviation Online Courses
  • Cabin Crew OSHA Certification Courses



What's New...

HighTop has launched its new online testing service for flight departments. Managers of flight departments are finding it increasingly difficult to manage and administer all the training and testing required by the various regulatory and advisory agencies. Maintaining certification and compliance has become easier with our online testing service covering ISBAO, SMS, FOM, Security, and Emergency Equipment subjects.


Today, firms compete on value and this comes from performing. This is why operations is so important. Companies have to deliver what they promise. It is one thing to promise customers great service, it is quite another to actually deliver on that promise. If customers leave because of poor performance, they rarely come back. Without a high performing operations approach, your financial and marketing performance also decline.

HighTop's Operations and Management Consulting arm delivers results for both you and your customers. Through operations management principles, techniques, and data analysis, we deliver improvements in business and flight operations processes.

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